zyzyly (zyzyly) wrote,

57026--on the last day of the year


We took a drive to Heidelberg today. It's about an hour from Frankfurt. My dad wanted me to be sure and go there, because he was stationed there when he was in the army. He has fond memories. It was cold today--about 39 degrees, so we bundled up.

Bella draws musical notes in the frost on the window. Bella is six. Last time we were here, Bella was 2 months shy of being born.

Heidelberg is an interesting place. It sits on the Neckar River, and is home to a university. There are lots of little shops and places to eat. We ate at a Japanese noodle restaurant. This is a running theme--I am surrounded by Thai people, and never get to eat German food.

We walked up the hill to the castle. It has a beautiful view of the town below.

The town below.

After we came down, we went into a pastry shop and had macaroons and espresso. Mmmmmmm!

puu and kids
Malida with Milly and Bella. Milly is nine.

We will shoot off fireworks this evening, then wait for the new year to arrive. Tomorrow we take off for Munich for a few days.
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