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57027--in the new year


We went to Rothenburg today, on our way to Munich. We spent the day wandering around this old walled town. Had lunch at a German place, and actually had German food, which was delicious. In the late afternoon we stopped in for Schneelballen and coffee. Schneelballen are a pastry that is particular to Rothenburg. Very delicious. They are round, like snowballs. Now you know a word in German! I took lots of pictures of doors.

rothenburg door

We stayed up late last night setting off fireworks and watching the New Years show on German television, which is nothing like New Years tv in the US. Lots of lederhosen and accordions. It was so cheesy and delightful. We toasted at midnight and went to bed.


Design by Milly.

We are off to Munich in the morning.

rothenburg sunset
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