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We went into town this morning for no particular reason. I was going to go to the train station to buy our tickets for Paris, but found an app that lets me buy the tickets and store them on my phone, so I did that. We went into town anyway and wandered around and had coffee, and then took the U-Bahn train back home.

The train stopped 5 stations from our station, and they made an announcement that everyone had to get off. I didn't really understand the announcement, but then everyone got off, including the driver, and we figured it out. We started walking and eventually came upon another train stopped on the tracks, surrounded by emergency vehicles. We later learned that someone had tried to cross in front of the train and didn't make it.

I spent the afternoon spread out on the couch finishing one book and starting another. It's nice to have some free time to read without having anything pressing to distract me. The girls who live here had their first day back at school, so it was super-quiet.

bad homburg
Kaiser Wilhelm Bad in Bad Homburg. It's a natural mineral spring. The Thai's love it because King Rama V (best Thai king ever) came here once to partake of the baths and was cured of an ailment. On the same trip, he visited the Swiss parliament and produced an album, in which he had each of the members make a drawing of a pig while their eyes were shut. Best king ever.

Milly and Bella on the rocks
Milly and Bella enjoy the beautiful winter day.
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