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57038--We'll always have Paris

We had a great last day in Frankfurt--took the train downtown to the shopping district and bought a bunch of stuff to take home with us--mostly chocolates. We wandered around the center of Frankfurt, most of which was bombed into rubble during WWII. I had my final bratwurst, and then we had dinner at a very nice Thai place.

"Wherever books are burned men also, in the end, are burned."

We got up at 7am this morning to get ready. Our train was scheduled to leave at 08:57, and you know the German trains run on time. It was cold out. -3 celcius, and there was lots of ice on the windshield and on the roads. The train station is only 20 minutes away though, so we made it in plenty of time.

I love traveling by train, especially in Europe. the trains are fast, clean, and pass by some beautiful countryside. Plus there's free coffee and croissants. It is too bad there is not a comparable transportation system and infrastructure in the US.

We had a few short stops in Germany, but no more than a few minutes each. As I mentioned, the trains run on time. Once we passed over into France, it was a straight shot into Paris. At one point we were going about 320 km/hour. It was kind of exciting.

countryside 2
We got into Paris in the early afternoon and took a taxi to our apartment. It's a tiny little apartment, after having spent two weeks in a nice roomy 4 bedroom place, but it's bigger than a hotel room, and it's close to everything. And it has internet. And a coffee maker.

I'll miss Germany. I really felt comfortable there, in Adi and Mack's house, and in the country. As the conductor was checking my ticket, I spoke to him in German, and he replied in German for the entire exchange. I thought that was so cool, and I wish I could tell my old German teacher, Herr Wells, about it. He'd be pleased.
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