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57040--Waterloo sunset

Another great day. We got up late again and had an easy breakfast before heading out to the military museum and Napoleon's final resting place. We walked for miles and miles today, and I am so tired! Way too tired to edit pictures.

armor face

the military museum was interesting. We only got through half of it. We may go back to see the indochina exhibit. We started out in the armor wing. There are rooms and rooms of armor. Armor of kings and armor of knights. Even armor for little kids. It was interesting to see how armor and armaments evolved over 300 years before the advent of modern warfare. After the armor rooms, we walked through the WW1 and WW2 exhibits.

After the museum we came home and had lunch and a nice nap. One of the things I like about this trip is that we are taking time to relax. Makes all the difference. We picked up some more food from Rue Cler for lunch. The highlight was Malida finding a place that sells papaya salad. If she were Popeye, papaya salad would be her spinach.

We ventured out again at around 4:30, on our way to the Arc de Triomphe. I had figured out how to take the metro there, but when we went out it was a lovely afternoon, so we decided to walk. As we were crossing the bridge over the Seine, the sun was just beginning to set, and we stopped to watch.


It turned out to be one of those almost perfect moments. We stayed there for almost a half hour watching the colors change. This is a shot from my iPhone. Usually my regular camera shots are better, but nothing beat this one.

We headed to the Arc de Triomphe, and walked up the 300 or so stairs to get to the top. It was another nice view. that darn tower just seems to want to get in all my shots.

from the arc

After we got home, we went out for another nice dinner at the italian place next to our building. It's supposed to rain tomorrow, so we plan to spend the day in the Louvre.
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