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57042--Mona Lisa smile

We went to the Louvre gallery today. It's a big place. We were there most of the day and only saw a few of the possible galleries. Now I can say I've been to the Louvre. I was kind of intimidated by its size, and still am. It should be 4 or 5 smaller museums. I'll be sure to suggest that when they appoint me king of museums. If I lived here, I would tackle it but by bit, maybe a room at a time. Just spend the day staring at a few pieces.


Speaking of kings, here is Napoleon crowning himself.

Really, there isn't much to see other than hundreds and hundreds of rare and magnificent pieces of art housed in a spectacular building.


She's got it
Yeah, baby, she's got it
Well, I'm your Venus
I'm your fire
At your desire.


Mona under glass. The most crowded spot in the gallery. I did manage to get up front and spend some time looking at her. It's funny, I've seen the pictures a thousand times, probably, but there's something about the actual painting (even behind glass) that is different, somehow. She has kind of a sad face behind the smile.


After we got out of the museum we walked across the bridge over the Seine. It has been raining, but the sun came out a little and illuminated the Île de la Cité and the towers of Notre Dame. We walked home and relaxed for a while before having dinner at a local place. We had rum baba for dessert.

Tomorrow we will take the train to Chartres. It's an hour's train ride from here.

I have been having interesting dreams since I have been in Paris. I think it is because the bed is so comfortable, and maybe the food a little. Last night I had a dream that I was back in 5th grade. what made it interesting was that it was something that really happened to me, but out of context.
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