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We got up at about 6 am Paris time, which is about 9pm yesterday this time. But it felt like 6 am, so that's the important thing. I had ordered a taxi via a very nifty app that I found out about from a travel blog that Danny DeVito writes. They send you a message when the taxi is on the way, with an estimated arrival, the type of car, and the license number. The car arrived right on time at 7am, and we were at the airport by 7:30, which was about an hour before the check in desk opened. So we had coffee. I like to be early for big flights.

As I was going through security, they made me go through the scanner again. I had a used kleenex in my pocket. I had to send it through the x-ray machine in its own tray. Seriously.

The flight was fine. There was an issue with our seats when we checked in online--when the had rebooked us in NY after our missed flight to Paris, they forgot to rebook our seats on the return flight. They gave us seats apart from each other, and suggested we could trade with other passengers. We opted to simply sit next to each other, and the passenger who had the seat next to me simply took the other seat, without anyone saying anything. It confused the purser, but he got over it.

It was an 11-hour nonstop flight. pretty long, but not too long. I actually don't mind long flights. It gives me a huge chunk of free time that is uninterrupted by anything other than the flight attendant offering me a glass of wine or something. No phone, no internet (yet). I read for an hour then watched a movie--the one about Princess Diana, which I liked. After the movie I ate the airplane dinner and had a glass of wine, then put on eyeshades and my good headphones, and listened to music for about 4 hours straight. It was awesome. I had a mix of my favorite stuff from last year and could really listen to each song fully. I drifted a little, but never really fell asleep. It was so relaxing. After the music I watched another movie, then read again until it was time to land.

We went through customs, and they made a stink about Malida having a couple packages of ramen noodles in her bag. Ramen noodles she brought from the US. I hope you feel safer knowing that those traveling noodles can never be used here in the land of the free. Good thing they left my Nutella alone.

So we are home. It was 43 degrees and drizzly in Paris this morning, and 70 degrees here and in the middle of a drought. We We deferred unpacking to watch the heartbreaking 49ers game. Malida is already asleep. I am holding out for regular bedtime, so as to get back into the swing of things faster. I have to work Tuesday, so my recovery time is pretty much tomorrow. It's almost 6 am Paris time, but it's still early here.
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