zyzyly (zyzyly) wrote,

57047--back to work

Today was my back to work day. It was a pretty good day--first day of the semester, so we got to meet all our new nursing students and hear why they want to become nurses. We sit in a circle and go around the room. I was reminded of my first day of nursing school when we did the same thing. I remember being sure I was going to be a neonatal ICU nurse. After 25 years of working with big people, I'd be scared to death to set foot in a neonatal ICU now.

We only have 22 students this semester, so I will just be doing some lectures and some skills check. I still haven't heard about the other stuff I'm supposed to be doing. One project has been postponed until June. Anyway, I know how to act busy.

I transferred all my trip pictures from the notebook to my big computer via a portable hard drive. There are more than 60 gb of files. It doesn't mean I have a million pictures. I just shoot in large file formats. I guess there's probably about 3000 pictures. I'll be going through them for a while.


Here's one from Heidelberg. It was one of my favorites when I first looked at them, but didn't put it in the Heidelberg post for some reason. Anyway, I like it.
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