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I decided to take the whole day off. I know, only back from vacation for less than a week and already calling in sick.

I went downtown and had my MRI. It was an interesting experience. The first thing was how fast I got in. I'm not sure if it was because I'm an employee, but that was the first thing they mentioned. I had just enough time to fill out the form before they were whisking me back to change into some enormous scrubs. Once I changed, I sat in the waiting room for about 2 minutes before they brought me back for the scan.

It was loud and disconcerting. I can now see why so many of my patients have freaked out in there. Lots of random unexpected noises. At first I closed my eyes, but found that I did better with them open. I didn't get anxious or claustrophobic or anything--just a little disconcerting. Took about 40 minutes and then I was out of there.

I got the results about an hour ago, via the internet. It's all good. Normal exam. Which doesn't explain my hearing loss, but does mean it's not caused by a mass on my acoustic nerve. (sigh of relief).

I really like the website for my healthcare group. Once the physician sees the results and approves them, it posts to me. Beats waiting a week for an appointment.


Another one from Pere Lachaise. This is the monument to the Czechs who fought alongside the French. The expressions are amazing.
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