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57051--Hammering Man

hammering man

The Hammering Man in Frankfurt. We saw him o our last day in Germany when we went downtown with the whole family. He is 20 meters tall. Adi tells me there are hammering men in other cities as well, including Seattle and LA. My life goal is now to see other hammering men in their native environments.

I completely forgot to make an entry yesterday. It was a fairly uninspiring day, where I accomplished little other than to make a new music playlist and play it for some online friends.

I have a lot of stuff I could be doing--getting my small car ready to sell, call the painting guy to finish painting our house, clear out all the junk in my office, look at the bills, fining pictures to print, emptying boxes marked "open Mar 07, etc. I lack motivation. At least I have a list now.
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