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The other day someone wrote about how her cats loved bendy straws, and what good cat toys they make. I decided to try it. I dropped one on the floor and invited the cats over to play. The both walked up, stared at the straw for a second, and walked off. That's cats for you.

bendy straw

Today was our staff meeting at work. I've been waiting to hear what my responsibilities will be this semester, since I am not teaching. I've been helping the other teachers out and have picked up a few lectures, but really, I don't have much of anything to do at the moment. I don't have a clinical group.

I was so bored this morning that I drove over to the hospital and wandered around for a while. I came back and spent a couple of hours reading articles about tube feeding. Ask me anything. At the staff meeting, my boss said she still doesn't have a clear picture of the other things we will be doing, so I guess I'm gonna just start asking my coworkers if they have anything for me to do. I don't like not being busy at work.

I went to the post office yesterday and mailed the cool star-shaped key back to the people who rented us the apartment in Paris. They live in Australia. It cost $9 to mail a set of keys to Australia. I thought about keeping them, but that meant saying goodbye to a $200 deposit. I went to post offices in both Germany and France while I was there, to mail post cards. The post office people in both countries were very friendly and helpful. The post office guy at home was gruff and surly. He's been that way for the close to 15 years I've been going there.

I don't think I mentioned it in any of my travel posts, but pretty much all the people I encountered in France were really friendly and helpful. I always started with a few words of French, and then asked (if necessary) if they spoke any English. They would almost always hold up a thumb and forefinger to indicate that the knew "a little", but would almost always have enough to help me with what I needed. I know there's a perception that the French are unfriendly to tourists, but I didn't see it at all.
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