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It rained a little today. Not enough to do much about the drought, but enough to spur the hope that more rain will come. When I went outside, it was more of a gentle mist than a real rain, but things were wet. I wanted to take a picture, and this is what I got. After I looked at it tonight, I wished I had thought to take the banana off my desk and put it on this table so it wouldn't be such a boring picture. Next time, for sure.

I have two bosses at work. I have the big boss, who is my formal reporting boss, but I hardly ever talk to her--maybe once a month at staff meetings or twice a year for our sit-down. She's kind of a big cheese, in charge of all sorts of things that have nothing to do with me. My real boss is our faculty coordinator. We don't have a direct reporting relationship, but she's who I talk to about stuff, and who provides me with direction when I need it. She's pretty awesome. Kind of the perfect boss--door's always open, and she doesn't mind if all I need to do is vent a little. Her door is always open for students too, and she is their strongest advocate.

I went in to talk to her this morning about not having anything to do. She was happy to hear that, because she has all sorts of things going on that she needs help with. So she assigned me all sorts of little projects. Stuff like creating some evaluation forms for students and making a draft of next semester's calendar. I love doing those kind of things. So I went back to my cubicle and got to work. In the afternoon I helped the other instructors check off students on their basic skills. I got to watch them wash their hands, and taught them a little about how to protect their backs for the long haul. It was a good day.

A coworker and I were talking at lunch and she mentioned that she had to send her car registration renewal in to the DMV. It reminded me that the registration on my car expired in December. I went home and found the form. The penalty doubled yesterday. Grrrrrr.

I almost posted another crappy cellphone cat picture here, but remembered that I did that yesterday. So here's one from the Heidelberg castle that I never posted. I am beginning to understand that trees are a recurring theme with me.

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