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57056--the waters are turbulent


This is a pic from the beginning of January in 2006, way back at the beginning of my first "photo a day for a year" project. It was taken at the confluence of the American and Sacramento rivers, after a series of rainstorms. The park that sits along the confluence is an overflow area, and floods when the rivers get too high. It's about a mile from where I work now, and I drive past it every day. I remembered this picture today when I was driving past, and thinking about the cycles of too much water and not enough water that I have seen in the years I have lived here. Maybe tomorrow I'll drive through the park and take another picture.

I think I used this picture last year sometime for a post about how my life has changed since I first took it. At the time, I could not foresee having a stable, boring life where I was generally happy again. There have been at least a couple of times in my life where everything was upended, and I couldn't see how it would ever settle out, but it always did, eventually. And eventually it was upended again.

Some years there's too much water, some years there's not enough. Most years it falls somewhere in the middle, and you don't even think about it.
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