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57057--hazy shade of winter

hazy SF

I called in sick this morning. I'm not really sick, although my sinuses are bothering me and now my hearing is distorted in my other ear. I think it all has to do with congestion. I went to the pharmacy to get some sudafed. Although it is an OTC drug, the pharmacist had to submit my name to an online database to make sure I'm not making methamphetamine in my garage. The system was down, and she wouldn't sell it to me. When we got home, Malida rooted around and found some from Thailand. So now I am attempting to clear my sinuses.

Anyway, I wasn't really sick, but I had nothing to do at work today, and couldn't face another day of coming up with busy work. So I slept in and we went out for hamburgers and shopped for a new lamp for Malida's office. She likes her room to be bright. I prefer mine shadowy and dark.

So I've called in sick two days since I'be been back from vacation. That can't be good.

I was looking through some pictures this afternoon and found the above one in the middle of a bunch of photos I took at the wildlife refuge. I have no idea how it got there, but the fine number was in sequence. I think I took it back at the end of november when we went to SF to get Malida's visa for Europe. I like the hazy quality of it. It looks like a black and white, but it's just how it was.
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