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57059--stuffed mushrooms and clam dip

We went to Danny and Nae's to watch the super bowl. I'm not a big football fan, but I do enjoy the big games. I really didn't have a favorite team for this game, but I like Peyton Manning, so decided to root for the Broncos. By the second half I was more interested in how well the Seahawks played--almost flawlessly, vs the Broncos, who seemed destined to make mistake after mistake.

I half-watched the commercials, but the only one that really stood out was the Coke one, where people sang America the Beautiful in many of the languages that make up American culture. I thought it was beautiful, but I also figured it would generate controversy. Good for Coke for making it.

We had a nice spread of food for the game. Grilled steaks, thai noodles, rice, guacamole and chips. I made stuffed mushrooms and clam dip. The mushrooms went well with the steaks, and the clam dip went well with the chips.

We hadn't seen our friends since Christmas, so it was good to spend time with them. They took care of our cats while we were gone.

malida and gigi

Malida can't take her eyes off the game. LOL.
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