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57061--O Little Light

I downloaded a couple of songs off an album called Bad Debt by Hiss Golden Messenger a few weeks ago. One of my friends had played me one of the songs and told me that the guy who made the music had returned home to North Carolina after becoming disillusioned with the music business, and recorded a bunch of songs with just a guitar and a cassette recorder at home. The write up for the album on iTunes relates that the songs were eventually pressed onto CDs, but there was a fire and all the copies were lost. Evidently he still had the cassette, because the music was re-released as a CD at the beginning of this year. I downloaded the rest of the songs a little while ago, and am listening to them as I contemplate this entry.

It is raw and it is beautiful and it is real. I recommend it. I am drawn to music that comes out of pain. Not because it is depressing, but because someone, in the midst of their could pick up a guitar and pour their heart out. That gives me hope.


I had to check off our students on vital signs today. They were nervous, and it was reflected in elevated blood pressures and racing pulses. It's kind of the first big thing for them. I'm glad they take it seriously. It is probably one of the most essential skills they will learn in their nursing careers.

The students break up into pairs, and come in the room together. One is the patient, one is the nurse, then they trade off. I sit right next to the person being evaluated. When they are counting the pulse, I am palpating and counting with them. They have to be within two points of my count. When they take the blood pressure, I have a dual-earpiece stethoscope, and listen along, standing inches from them. I imagine they are incredibly anxious.

One pair was so nervous that I had to stop them and have them stand and take three long deep breaths. They sat down and the one checked the oxygen level of the other. It was 100%. That's what two or three good deep breaths will do for you.

Even though it was an evaluation, everyone passed. I took a little more time with those that struggled, and let them figure it out so they knew what they were feeling and hearing, and not just taking their best guess. I remember how long it took me to be sure of what I was hearing and be confident in my ability to get a good blood pressure.

I'll give my first lecture to this group later in the week on the topic of nutrition. I finished my slides this afternoon and posted them to the student website. The first slide is a picture of a donut, without further explanation. When I was taking human anatomy way back when, I recall very clearly how the professor compared the gastrointestinal system to a donut, or the donut hole, to be specific. Just one long donut hole from beginning to end. Think about it. It is an image that has stayed with me, and I am compelled to pass it along to this generation of students. That's just one of the reasons teaching is so cool.


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