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57062--have you been flossing?


Today was dental hygiene day. Last time Carolyn,the dentist, did it, and this time it was Helen, the dental hygienist. I've known Helen for about 27 years. She was taking prerequisites for dental hygiene the same time I was taking mine for nursing. Another guy who was taking prereqs with us suggested his dentist, because I didn't have one. After Helen graduated, she started working there. So we get to chat every six months. Other than my sister, I've known Helen and the Carolyn longer than anyone else in Sacramento.

My teeth are fine. I take good care of them. I've been flossing.

After the dentist I went to work and checked off students on their bed bath and bed making skills. I know my hospital corners. The students paired up and gave pretend bed baths to each other. I am guessing this is one of the lower stress check offs for them.

When I was a nursing student, we had to give real bed baths to each other, wearing only bathing suits. Well, the person getting the bath wore a swim suit--the one giving the bath had to wear a uniform. There were three guys in the class, all named Mike, and the other two Mikes got paired up with each other. I got paired up with Sylvia, a quiet girl who sat in the back of the class. When bed bath day came, we were both visibly nervous, but it went ok. I remember chanting "wash wash wash" as I washed her arm. We ended up going out for dinner and a movie.
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