zyzyly (zyzyly) wrote,

57064--featuring Skippy the flamingo

MNAF rain

We're getting a nice steady rain for once. It probably won't be enough to erase the drought, but it does kind of ease the anxiety about it a little.

when I started my lecture yesterday, I asked how many students did the pre-reading as I requested. About three or four students raised their hands, which is normal. This morning, instead of asking if they read, I surprised them with a pop quiz on the readings. The audible groans were music to my ears. It was only five questions, and non-graded. I told them that I would have quizzes on the readings "periodically", and that sometimes I would collect them, and sometimes I would have their peers grade them. Should be just enough to get them to at least scan the readings before lecture, which is all I want.

I did follow up with some tips about learning how to study effectively, and told them they should do at least 30 minutes of non-school-related reading every day, just to keep their sanity.

We continued skills check-offs today with assessment skills. High point of the day was when the assessing student questioned the "patient" about her morning elimination, and asked, "Was it nice and fluffy?"
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