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manikin lunch

I had lunch with the wound manikin today. I'll be needing his help with a lecture later in the week. His hair was perfect.

Today would have been my mom's 83rd birthday. She passed away about 2 years ago, a few weeks after her 81st. She still has a facebook page, and the past two years at least one person has wished her a happy birthday and hopes she's doing well. My sister was going to take the page down, or do whatever with it, but I guess she didn't.

February was a big month for birthdays in my family. My grandma's birthday was the 7th, 106 years ago. My grandpa's was the 14th, 110 years ago, or so he said. We were never quite sure. My grandma thought it was the 13th, but grandpa claimed he was born at midnight, so got to pick which side of midnight he wanted to have his birthday on.

When WWI broke out, he lied about his age to join the Navy. So some official documents had him born in 1900, and others 1904. According to him, he was 14 when he was shipped off to France. He came home at 15, after being injured in an explosion that broke his hip. After that one leg was always shorter than the other. Every year the government would send him a voucher for a pair of special shoes, and a check for $15. He never let it slow him down. He was out riding horses two weeks before he died at the age of 83.

Our wedding anniversary is at the end of the month, sort of. We were married on the 29th, which comes only once ever 4 years. We generally celebrate on the 28th, which is the 1st of March in Thailand, so it kind of works out.
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