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I was doing a web search for something today and I unexpectedly ended up on my own Google+ page, which I never use. When I first made the page, I posted a couple of pictures. One of those pictures is of a blue door from the town of Harmony. The blue door of Harmony. It's a picture that I can't find in my archives anywhere.

I decided to go back to my old photo LJ, lowflyingsquab, and see if I could find it there. I couldn't, but I did end up spending some time looking through my 2006 photo a day for a year stuff. There was a series of days toward the end of the year where I decided that each day, I would take the picture within a 1 hour time window, and cover all 24 hours over 24 days. I started at 6 am on November 20th. The other interesting thing, which I had forgotten about, was for each day I shot and created a new user icon for the day.

November 20

This was the first picture in the series. I was on my way to school. I had been taking photography classes since the beginning of the year, and by now I was really into it. I carried my camera everywhere. I still have that green backpack. We use it to carry the stuff we buy at the farmer's market. I still have the big lens. I still belong to Netflix, though it has been years since I got an actual physical dvd from them. The coffee cup is long gone. It was from the Tillamook Air Museum in Oregon. It probably got broke somewhere--I don't remember.

CDs or DVDs with photograph files on them. This was before thumb drives. That phone. There is another picture from 2006 where I am talking on the phone. It had a antenna. That computer. It's sitting in a box under my desk. I bought it in Oregon at the start of my long drive across Canada after my beloved Compaq died unexpectedly in Portland. I gave that small camera away to someone when I bought a new one.

I love having such a comprehensive documentation of that year.

My dad called last night to get some information from me for his will or something. He had forgotten what year I was born. I'm glad he's getting his affairs in order. He's still much healthier than most people his age, but you never know. I asked him if he had heard about Shirley Temple Black. He hadn't, and when I told him that she had died, he sounded pretty sad. She was a big part of his childhood--they were about the same age. A few years ago he got to meet her when he delivered flowers to her house. That's what he does to keep himself busy--he delivers flowers for a florist. He gets the good route--up in the hills, and gets to meet all sorts of interesting people--Condoleeza Rice, Joe Montana, etc. He's been doing this for more than 25 years now. The guy who owns the florist shop is the former boyfriend of my step-sister. Every year my dad says he's going to quit, right after the Valentines day rush, but he never does. He told me again last night, and I just laughed.

I lectured for 4 1/2 hours today, and followed that with 2 hours of skills lab. One of my coworkers has the flu, and I have to take over her lecture and lab tomorrow, but not until 10 am. I go see the ENT doctor in the morning and have my hearing rechecked. The ear I originally went in for is fine now--it's the other one that is bothering me. I'd sure like to get to the bottom of this. It's like having someone standing on my left shoulder singing off-key harmonies.
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