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57075--this is what diversity looks like


I needed to do some online e-learning stuff today for a course I have to take tomorrow on a new blood glucose monitoring system. While I was at it, I decided to knock out the rest of the assignments for the quarter. Normally I wait until the last possible moment. One of the assignments was on creating a culture of respect for diversity in our workplace. It's an admirable ideal, and I'm all for it. The above picture was from a screen shot in the training module. Does this look like the people you work with? Let's see--doctors are guys, nurses are girls. All look perfect. Yup--just like real life.

When I first started at the hospital 25 years ago, everything was done in-house. If they needed people for pictures someone would wander the halls and ask us if we wanted to be in a brochure or whatever. I was in a couple of things. Now it's all farmed out and everything has the feel of marketing rather than education. Ahh, might as well stand on the beach and yell at the waves to stop crashing.


Here is one of my real coworkers, Anna, giving her best "nursing school teacher" look while demonstrating how to put on protective garb.
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