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The students had a cultural diversity potluck after class today. We are fortunate to have a small, diverse, and cohesive class this time around, and everybody brought something. Except for the teachers. We just ate and complimented everyone on the tasty dishes. We have people from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds in our class, so it was a nice selection. I particularly liked the cabbage rolls, although they gave me a little trouble later in the day.

I thought a little more about the cultural diversity picture I posted yesterday, and thought about some of the comments you made on it. It is interesting that the "nurses" in the photo are all young girls in their early 20s. The median age of registered nurses in the US is 47. Even in our class, the median age is probably in the late 20s-early 30s. One of our students is in her 50s. The more I look at that picture, the more negative stereotypes I see. I thought about sending the screen capture along with some of my thoughts to whoever is in charge of diversity at work. Maybe I'll take a group shot of our students to show them what real diversity looks like.

I'm still listening to Leif Vollenbekk. He reminds me a little of Ryan Adams, only softer and gentler.

I started watching the first season of American Horror Story last night. Some friends told me about it. It's creepy, but very well written and acted. I love how all these great shows have popped up on cable stations. They put the networks to shame. It's the perfect medium for long-form story telling.

What else am I thinking about? Nothing, really, other than feeling the need to balance the crappy iPhone food picture with something a little more artistic. How about a little random nothing leftover from a side street in Montmartre?

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