zyzyly (zyzyly) wrote,

57079--a walk in the park


I took a walk in the park this afternoon. It was a beautiful 70 degree day. I love the weather, but really want it to rain. They have dropped water delivery to farmers in the Central Valley of California to zero. That's where most of the food is grown. Yikes.

I looked through some old books of my grandma's today, searching for the name of her grandfather. I found it--Maurice Powers of Butte Montana. He emigrated from County Cork, Ireland. I looked at the cemetery where he's buried. Seems like a lot of Irish ended up in Montana for some reason. I am guessing there are still distant relatives in Montana. My grandparents used to go up there and ride horses, and I think they were still in contact with a few, but that connection is long gone now.

I hung some pictures today and continued straightening up after the painting. I found an old picture I took of some brown pears and put it up in the hall outside Malida's office. Hope she likes it.
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