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Malida had a dream that she was being chased by a tiger last night and woke me up to tell me that the tiger had found her in the bushes and was walking over her. I looked over and Mook was standing on her. Our little tiger.

I took a walk in the "old town" today. It was a nice day for walking. I never really walk there. It's mostly a collection of old buildings near the railroad tracks. I drive past it a lot because the supermarket is on the other side of town. There used to be a couple of good restaurants in old town, but the city undertook a "beautification project" that disrupted traffic for a year, and managed to doom a number of businesses. Our favorite restaurant survived and is thriving.

Anyway, I saw a lot of stuff at ground level that I don't normally notice when I am driving past.

art gallery

One of the antique shops is now an arts center. Yay! There are a bunch of tiles on the wall in the entryway that were made by local artists!


I wandered down the street and found a memorial at the stop light. It is for a 20-year-old kid who was a hit and run victim in 2012. No one has been caught yet.

I came home and watched the first episode of HBO's True Detective, which was intense. Just what I like in a dramatic series. I love how cable has revolutionized the tv drama. Real story telling.

Malida suggested spaghetti for dinner, so I bought some stuff to make meatballs. I bought a grinder attachment for my old KitchenAid mixer a while back, so I can grind my own meats. I got some beef and some pork and ground it up and tossed in a bunch of other stuff and, eventually meatballs appeared.


Malida declared them "yummy", which is high praise, and noted that they were better than my last meatballs, which, apparently, weren't yummy.

I almost always have Mondays off, so am thinking about what to do tomorrow.
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