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57081--Die kuh ist rot

I forgot yesterday to talk about why my subject was "Mittball". When I was working at a medical clinic in Oakland, I worked with a guy named Paul, who was from the Philippines. This was way before I ever imagined being married to someone from the Philippines or even being married at all. I think I was about 24.

Anyway, Paul and I were the evening shift, and we developed a ritual where we would ask each other what we brought for dinner. I am guessing my response was probably almost always "sandwich", but Paul brought something different every night and would tell me about it. One night I asked, Paul, what did you bring for dinner tonight?"

"Mittball," he replied. It stuck with me. Whenever I make meatballs I think of Paul. I wonder if he thinks of me whenever he makes a sandwich.

die kuh

This was on the bathroom door of the hotel we stayed at in Munich. I loved that place. the people were friendly and the breakfast was good. I wrote a review on Tripadvisor and got a nice note from the manager thanking me. I like a hotel with a sense of humor.
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