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57082--not a tuba

marching band

Somebody was talking about tubas today and I thought of this picture, that I took back in 2007. When I found it, I was surprised that it wasn't a tuba at all. It is a guy playing a saxophone. But I did take pictures of tubas that day. Lots of them. I just can't remember where the files are.

This was for a photo essay I did for the Shaw University Platinum Marching Band. I think they published it in their alumni magazine or something. It was a fun shoot. They were out here for some event and played at the college when I was on the school newspaper. I covered it for the story, but got way more good shots than we needed and called them to see if they wanted to use them.


Here is another of my favorites from that series.

I got nothing much to say about the current day other than it is finally raining again.
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