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the new hospital

I don't have a student assignment this semester, but I am filling in for one of the instructors that does this week, so I was back in the hospital today (and tomorrow). It's the hospital I spent most of my career practicing in, and I haven't really been back for about 6 months. It was great to see everyone. I couldn't walk 5 feet without someone saying hi. :)

It's the first time I've been with first semester students in the hospital. They are so fresh and new--they know next to nothing, and it is an intimidating environment. I remember the first few clinical days of my own first semester, and how all I really wanted to do was hide. They don't have a lot of responsibilities this week--mostly just getting over the feeling of wanting to hide and getting used to touching patients. I wandered around and showed them how to do stuff, and made sure they felt supported. It is a shame, but some nurses think it is ok to treat new nursing students like shit. I hate that, and if I catch a nurse doing it, they will incur my wrath.

I will be with them again tomorrow, and then it is kind of a long emptiness of "special projects". LOL--it's not really that bad, but I will miss being with the students.

Oh--the new hospital is really coming along. The exteriors are done, and they are finishing up the interiors. The target for opening is the end of the year. I think it looks like a spaceship.
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