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an old drawbridge, built in the 1920s, on the Sacramento river

I was going to write about the little community event that I stumbled into the other day, but it just doesn't seem as interesting two days later. I think the most interesting part for me was meeting the other photographer, but I already wrote about that.

My co-worker and I finally got our project assignment a few weeks ago--the one we have the semester off to work on. Our first objective was to write up a plan and pitch it to the regional education group. Today was the pitch. It was fun putting it together. We approached it like a grad school project. Did a literature search, developed some objectives, and made a powerpoint about it. We divided up the speaking points based on our strengths. I got the slides that used words and phrases like "partnering" and "leveraging resources", mostly because my strength is being able to say them with a straight face.

It is actually a great project--developing a year-long training curriculum for new graduate nurses who get hired into the ICU. Since both of us are former ICU nurses and educators, it seems like a perfect fit. After the presentation, the next steps are to go out and talk to people, so that will get us out of the office for a few days a week.

During the presentation I noted that we had two objectives today--to present information and to get feedback. Then, since we went on right before lunch, I added "Actually there's a third objective--free lunch."

Everyone laughed, except for my boss, who frowned a little. I guess leveraging my presentation to develop a partnership with a chicken caesar salad wasn't on the agenda.
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