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57090--a day late

I forgot to make an entry yesterday. I think it was a combination of being tired and having a houseguest staying with us for a while. Anyway, I don't have to be at work until 1o today, so plenty of time to catch up.

I really shouldn't have been so tired yesterday. I didn't have all that much to do at work. Just have a meeting to plan out our project and make a timeline, which we did. Other than that it was just busywork. I think it is because I went to bed late the night before. I guess if I'm not in bed by 11, I don't get enough sleep.

Our houseguest is a friend of Malida's from school. She is also Thai, and studying English. She had to flee some issues at home and needed a safe place to stay. We were talking about it last night, and we think she will stay with us about a month until she can get settled elsewhere. We are happy to do it. We have the extra room, and it gives Malida someone to cook with for a while. Anyway, it is always good to be in a position to be of help. You never know when you will be the person needing it. I like to think back on all the people who helped me through the years, for no reason other than I needed it and they could.

Don't let me forget to wear pants.

My coworker and I are out of the office today meeting with people at the hospitals as we gather information for our project. We planned it out so we will be visiting a hospital or two for the next two weeks. It will be great to be out and about. I hate cubicle life.

Munich Lion

A leftover lion from Munich. They don't make them like this anymore.
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