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57094--are you now, or have you ever been?

I have spent the evening filling out form N-400, which is the form to apply for US citizenship. Malida is now eligible to become a citizen of the US, and has decided that's what she wants to do. She's been here about a month shy of five years, although the wife of a citizen only has to wait three years. We didn't know that, but we really didn't even think about it until we had to go through the hassle of getting a Schengen visa so she could go to Germany. For someone who is not a US citizen, traveling to some other countries requires a few hoops to jump through.

So today she asked me to get the process started. The application for citizenship is 20 pages long. Lots of biographical information--who are you, where are you from, what have you been doing since you came to the US. Stuff like that. Then there's the yes or no section. About 50 questions about whether or not you are worthy of citizenship. Some of them are obvious: did you work for the Nazis, have you ever been in prison. Stuff like that. Some are more blunt--have you ever worked as a prostitute? Are you a terrorist? There's even one that asks if you ever committed a crime that you didn't get caught for. Uh, no.

The form also asks how many total days the applicant has been outside the US during the past five years, and to list each incidence. I tried to get the information off her passport, but they don't always stamp sequentially, so it's kind of hard to follow. Fortunately, I always blog about our trips here, so I just looked back through the entries to find out when she was out of the country. Today's picture comes from our 2011 trip back to Thailand--the first time Malida went back to Thailand after coming to the US.

Lan and Nim

Nim and Lan (Malida's brother) sit on the side of the road across from the house. It's one of my favorite pictures--it captures both of them perfectly.
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