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57095--out of the office


My project partner Linda and I spent the day out of the office visiting a couple of hospitals in the region, gathering data for our project. It was a great day to be out and about. The sky was clear and the temperature was in the 70s. The above picture is from the sidewalk leading from the parking lot to one of the hospitals. We spent a couple of hours at the first hospital meeting with educators and managers, getting their input into our project.

When I introduced myself to the ICU educator, she said, "I know you!" Turns out that she did a preceptorship in my ICU when she was a student, back in 2005. I was the educator then, and set up the preceptorship for her. Shortly after that was when I quit and took two years off after my first wife died. As we wandered the halls I ran into a few more people I know. It always amazes me how many connections I have made in my career. I know people everywhere.

In the afternoon we drove up to Auburn and had lunch at a Mongolina bbq place before visiting another hospital. It was a great day. We got lots of information, and didn't have to spend the day in our cubicles. We have more plans for road trips over the next few weeks.

I have spent the evening listening to music inspired by Jimi Hendrix. I am part of a group of people who meet online every week and listen to music and talk about it. I get to play my selections on thursdays. Last week we got into a discussion about Hendrix. Someone thought he was overrated, and I disagreed. So I have spent the week reading about and listening to all the musicians he has influenced. It's an impressive list. I don't know if he was the greatest rock guitarist who ever lived, but I do know he was one of the most influential.
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