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A year ago in January we bought a new car--a Honda Pilot. The plan was to use it for trips and such, and I'd drive my old Accord around for daily business. Pretty much about that time the satellite radio in the Accord died, and it made the Pilot seem much more attractive. I like satellite radio.Anyway, I started driving the Pilot every day and parked the Accord out in front of the house. I drove the Accord for a while last semester because the parking spaces were really narrow at the hospital my students were at. But after the semester ended, I parked it and there it has sat since December.

Malida has been bugging me about selling it. It's one of three things on my to-do list on the refrigerator. The other two things on the to-do list are at least half done, but I haven't done anything about the car. The list has been up there since last summer, so I'd like to be able to cross at least one thing off. I suppose I could throw the list away, but it would probably just reappear. I kind of had a plan to sell it to my neighbor for his kid who got a license recently, but when we got back from Europe, the kid had a Ford pick-up.

I mentioned the car to my coworker the other day when we were driving from hospital to hospital. Yesterday she called me and said she might be interested in buying the car. Apparently her son-in-law wrecked his car recently, and they are looking for something else for him.

I went out this morning and took a look at the Accord. It was kind of dusty, and full of stuff, but it started right up. I've kept up the maintenance, and it has a fairly new battery. I started it up and let it run for a while. I cleaned out all the junk. I found a whole box full of research articles that I was happy to get rid of, and my favorite travel mug that I thought I had broken. There were three umbrellas. I brought out the portable vacuum and got most of the petrified french fries in the crack next to the seat. Then I took it to the car wash and got the "squeaky clean" wash.

It looks good. It's 9 years old and has 130,000 miles on it, but it runs fine. It looks so good that I am tempted to start driving it again. But I'm gonna take it into work tomorrow and let her take a look at it and see if she wants to buy it.

I bought that car about 4 months after Arlina died. I was going to take it on the trip across Canada, but I ended up taking her minivan instead, so I could sleep in the back. Even though I drove it for almost 9 years, I don't think I ever really bonded with it the way I have bonded with other cars. I drove my previous car for 17 years, and hated to part with it. This one, I just don't know.


Here's a picture of it just after I bought it. My former mother-in-law was sitting in the passenger seat. We were at the cemetery visiting.

Anyway, I will sell it soon and it will disappear from my life. This is what grief looks like 9 years down the line.
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