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57107--The Queen Wilhemina Tulip Garden

It was a beautiful day so I convinced Malida and Pam, our house guest, to go down to San Francisco for the afternoon. They both had a lot of homework and grumbled about it a little but eventually agreed.

Our first stop was the Burmese restaurant--Mandalay. It's one of my favorite places to eat in SF. The only downside is that it is almost impossible to park. I dropped the girls off and circled the area for 15 minutes before I eventually found not one but TWO spots next to each other. I parked in one and rented out the other one for $1000 a month. The food was delicious.

burma buddha

A Buddha shrine at the entrance to the restaurant.

After we ate we headed down to the west end of Golden Gate Park to see if the tulips were blooming.


Some of them were, and we spent some time looking around. The tulip garden also has an old dutch windmill. It's a nice spot, not to far from the beach.

puu and pam

Malida and Pam enjoy the balmy 60 degree weather in San Francisco. They were amazed that people were actually swimming in the ocean, but I explained that a sunny 60 degree day in SF brings everyone out to the beach.


There were some mounted police officers near the beach house. It reminded me of a tv show I used to watch when I was a kid--Romper Room, with Miss Nancy. There was a segment where they had a story about the SF police on horses in Golden Gate Park. I remember going to the park not to long after and seeing a police horse close up. It was so thrilling! Anyway, When I saw them yesterday I thought of that.
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