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My cubicle mate moved into the big office today, and I have my little corner all to myself, at least until they redo cubicle row. In spite of a little more space to stretch my feet, it is still dark and oppressive. I was not meant for the cubicle life.

We have a conference room at the end of the hall. It has a big table and very comfortable chairs that tilt back a little.Two walls are all windows. As long as there are no meetings scheduled, the instructors are allowed to use it. We eat our breakfast and lunch together in there, and sometimes bring in work if we need some space to "stretch out". I spend a little time in there almost every day. I have a favorite spot near one of the windows and away from the door. That's the other nice thing--it has a door and we can close it when we want to talk to each other away from prying ears.

I took all my project stuff in there today and spread it out. I didn't do much with it, but it was all there for me to ponder. I had been thinking I was going on a road trip today, but when I got in and checked my calendar, I found out it is tomorrow instead. I was bummed, at least until the big storm came in and then I was glad I wasn't on the road.

It will be nice to get out of the office tomorrow. The only downside is I have to come back for a meeting in the afternoon, otherwise I would take my time and find something to photograph. The last road trip took me past a bunch of wineries. That was ok with me.

There is a new Jackson Browne tribute album out today. I played a couple of songs off it and it is pretty amazing. If you like Jackson Browne, take a listen.I'll do a movie review tomorrow! lol!
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