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I got my eagerly anticipated road trip today. I left the office at 8:30, so I wouldn't be late for my 10:00 meeting. It was a beautiful morning--had rained a little overnight, but there were blue skies and big fluffy clouds while I was on the road.

Inexplicably, one of the people I was supposed to meet with wasn't there--she was up in Sacramento, from whence I came, at another meeting. That left me with a gap of a bit more than an hour between meetings. Awesome!

I met with the first person for a while, then drove over to the Kaiser hospital and visited the guy who does the gardening for our office building. He has some neurological issue and is in rehab there. I had never actually talked to him before, but I found him and told him we were all thinking about him and wished him a speedy recovery. He seemed pleased that we were thinking about him. That felt good.

After I saw him, I headed down to the shore trail near Mare Island and took some pictures.


There were a bunch of these guys hanging around, and one flying. I'm not sure what they are--maybe a hawk?* But they have kind of ugly faces, so maybe something else.


This guy was flying off in the distance, and then flew over and circled me for a bit before heading off to a bit part in the last image.

hwy 37

This is what kind of day it was. Perfect to be out enjoying it, far, far away from a cubicle.

I went back for my second meeting, then drove back to the office to give a presentation on what I've been doing with myself. I arrived about 4 minutes before my agenda time, which was about perfect. After I presented I went home. It was a good day! And I get to go back in a week or two to meet with the woman who wasn't there. Win!

*eta--I think it is a turkey vulture.
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