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57124--watchin' the irises grow


The first of the irises Malida planted last year. We bought them at the iris farm we will visit this weekend. They are all over the yard, and this one is out front where it gets a lot of morning and early afternoon sun. They are all different varieties, so it will be fun to watch them come up. I predict we will buy more over the weekend.

I had a hard time getting to sleep last night and woke up with a headache so called in sick to work. Headache was gone by about 10, so I went out for a walk in the park and listened to music. It was very relaxing. I have to figure out a way to not get so pissed of by office politics at work. It is so much easier when I have students and am only there one day a week. Things are out of balance, and I need to figure out what I need to do to bring it back into balance.

Anyway, next week is spring break and I have the week off. We are heading down to Cambria, on the coast for a few days, and then down to LA to see my sister and her family. I'm looking forward to it. Malida has never been to the Hearst Castle, so I'll take her there, and to the little town of Harmony to see The Blue Door of Harmony. I love being on the coast. We are staying at a place just across the street from the beach.
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