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57125--broken Jesus part 2

broken jesus

From the the other day.

My project partner is back from Fiji, and I spent pretty much the entire day going over with her what I did with the project for the past few weeks. Well, that really only took a few hours. We spent the rest of the time in the conference room talking, which was nice. I am off for a week after tomorrow, and she is here all next week, so she will pick up where I left off. When I am back, we will make our second round of visits to the outlying hospitals.

The project looks good, and is coming together just as we envisioned.

I put in to take another week off at the end of May when Malida gets out of school. We will drive up to Oregon, and then down the coast. I have an uncle and some cousins on the coast so we'll visit them. The Oregon coast is one of my favorite driving trips.

I had a very cool interaction with the guy who programs the Loft on the Sirius XM satellite radio last night, and ended up with a very rare Ryan Adams-Gillian Welch collaboration EP as a result. It was my favorite station even before, but even more so now.
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