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My grandparents had a bird feeder in their back yard. It was a flat square that sat on top of a pole in the middle of the yard.You could easily see it from the kitchen window. My grandma knew all the regular birds. There was a pet store in town where we would go and buy a bag of bird food. Whenever I stayed with them my job was to feed the birds. There was an old coffee cup in the garage that we used to measure out the food.

So naturally, I have a feeder in my back yard. It hangs from the branch of a tree. I can see it from the kitchen window, where I sit at the same table that was in my grandparent's kitchen. We get a lot of the same birds every day. There are a family of doves that seem to have been around forever, but maybe it's the next generation already. We also have a couple of squirrels.

The squirrels like to raid the bird feeder. One of them will lean out from another branch and see what he can get. I think they like the sunflower seeds. They tend to spill a lot of the food in their attempts, and it falls on the ground, where some of the shyer birds will eat it.

I decided to move the bird feeder out farther on the branch to see if they could still reach it. They couldn't. One of the squirrels found this unacceptable however, and decided to act boldly. He leapt off the tree branch and landed on the feeder, sending it crashing to the ground. I went out to assess the damage and saw him sitting in the middle of a pile of food, very pleased with himself. The feeder was broken.

I went to the hardware store yesterday to get a new feeder. They also sell feeder poles that are squirrel-proof, so I got one of those too. They also sell squirrel feeders and food.

So now I have a new bird feeder and a squirrel feeder. The squirrel feeder is on a tree outside the window where the cats like to sit in the afternoon. A few minutes after I put it up and filled it, the squirrels were there. They seemed happy. The birds are happy with their new feeder. The cats are happy for the entertainment. I'm happy too.

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