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We went up to Loomis with our friends Danny and Apinya to have lunch at the High Hand nursery. It's a nice spot. They have turned an old greenhouse into a restaurant. The food is good, and it is always packed on the weekends. Interestingly, it is about 10 minutes from one of the hospitals I have to visit for my project, so I think I will take my partner there next time we are up that way.

After lunch we wandered around the grounds for a while, then headed across town to the Horton's Iris Farm. I love the iris farm. We walked through the gardens looking at the different colors, and made notes about which ones we wanted to buy. I ended up getting about 8 different varieties. Mostly bright colors to contrast the purples we have now.

Here's one of the ones I ordered.

After walking around, we placed our order and sat and talked with the owner and her daughter-in-law, who helps out on the weekends, but is a high school earth science teacher during the week. She was talking about the lunar eclipse that will occur tomorrow night, and how she is planning to stay up late to watch it. We got on the subject of the solstices and the equinoxes, and that transitioned into how to teach critical thinking. I mentioned that I taught nursing, and we both realized at the same time that we had had the same conversation about critical thinking two years ago when we were up there.

I can see the moon out my window now, and it is big and bright, waiting for what is to come.

My friend amaebi has been writing about preparing her garden this spring, and has mentioned more than once preparing her son's bed, by adding mulch, etc. When I saw the below image, I immediately thought of her.

chun woo's bed
Chun Woo's bed.
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