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57131--17 miles north of the blue door of Harmony

We are in Cambria, which sits on the coast, about 100 miles south of Monterey. It's a lovely spot. Our room is just across the street from the beach, and we could hear the waves crashing all night. The internet here is almost non-existent, and there is no cell phone signal. Maybe that's a good thing.

on the road

We stopped at Harris Ranch on the way down. It's a big steakhouse place on Hwy 5 in the middle of nowhere. I've been stopping there since the 70s, when the Chronicle travel columnist, Stanton Delaplane used to write about it. Back then you could get a big NY steak sandwich with enchiladas for about $13. The same sandwich costs $21 now, and doesn't have enchiladas. A side salad is $7. Every time I say "never again", but I keep going back. I wonder what Stanton Delaplane would think.


We got here in the mid afternoon and took a walk along the beach. We took another walk just before sunset and ended up at the seafood restaurant, where we had a very nice halibut dinner.

I brought two cameras with me, but forgot to bring a card reader. One of the cameras uses a card that fits into the Macbook, but I forgot to put the card in the camera. So it's iPhone pictures until I get home.
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