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57132--internet slower than dialup

We had a great day. After breakfast we drove up the coast a bit to Hearst Castle. It was foggy, so the views weren't great, but Malida loved the house tour, and we spent a lot of time after the tour wandering the grounds and taking pictures. Pictures I can't download to the computer because I forgot the card reader, and even if I had brought it, the internet is so terrible that I can't even upload a crappy cellphone picture.

We came back after our tour and rested a while, and then walked up the beach to the place we wanted to have dinner. It's the restaurant that is listed as a distant second to the one we ate at last night, but we really loved it. Very little wait, a table with a view of the ocean, and excellent food. Can't ask for more than that.

As we finished dinner, the fog burned away, and the sun came out, just before sunset. We went back to the hotel and got our cameras and walked out on the beach to watch the sunset. It was just about perfect.

I tried to upload a picture here, but got the HTTP unhappy face. First post in I don't know how long without a picture. :(

Here's one that was in my LJ archives--a picture of a lighthouse door. Close enough.
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