zyzyly (zyzyly) wrote,

57133--driving in LA traffic day

Hollywood--near the noodle place. Land of dreams.

We got up fairly early to drive down the coast for a while and then inland toward LA. We stopped to see the Blue Door of Harmony, and found that the Blue Door of Harmony was gone. I spoke aloud, "Alas, all is discord", and I meant it. I was bummed out. Harmony has 17 residents, and the only thing it had going for it was the blue door.

The drive inland was nice. All the hills are green and lush, and there wasn't much traffic until we hit 101 again, and then it was pretty much constant. We were heading toward the thai boat noodle place in Hollywood, and it took us close to 5 hours to get there. I was a little cranky. We decided that next time we go down the coast to LA, we skip the "to LA" part and just focus on the coast.

We got here eventually, and rested for a while before taking my sister and her son out for dinner at a nice place next to our hotel. Now we are back in the hotel. I am listening to music and Malida is studying. I brought that portable speaker with me and it has worked great. I still don't have a card reader, so haven't seen any of the camera pictures I took, but I think there are some good sunset ones from last night. I'll know Sunday when we get home.

I'm writing on the iPad, and can't see the place where I say what I am listening to, so I will just tell you: I am listening to Leiff Vollebekk--Southern United States. I love this album.
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