zyzyly (zyzyly) wrote,

57134--last sunset of spring break


Today is the last day of our mini-vacation. We head home early tomorrow morning so we can get home in time for Malida to finish her homework and for me to finish my lecture. We spent yesterday and today in the Anaheim area--close to Disneyland but far enough away to avoid the crowds. Spent a few hours yesterday and today with my sister, which is another story altogether.

The rest of the time we spent down at Seal Beach, walking the beach and watching the sunset. It is one of my favorite places down here--not one of the popular beaches, so not crowded. It is close to where my mom lived, and was always the place I would go when I needed time to myself.

It was a beautiful sunset and there were quite a few people out enjoying it with us. After the sun went down, we walked into town and had a nice dinner at the seafood restaurant. I had the halibut, which was delicious.

I'll be happy to get home, but I will miss the ocean. Every time we go near the ocean, Malida decides we should move to the Oregon coast. We are going to the ORegon coast in May, so we will check it out.
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