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57135--home again

We got up early and had hotel breakfast, then started driving home. It was a Sunday, so almost no traffic through LA. We stopped for a burger along the way, and were home before 3 pm. The cats seemed somewhat happy to see us. Since Pam was here with them, they didn't get lonely, and Mook and Pam seem to have bonded. But it was nice to come home to a clean house where everything was put away.

I took a nap, then got up and looked at the photos that I couldn't download on the trip. Every time we go to Cambria I like to try some timed exposures of the beach and the rocks. Most of the time they don't turn out too well, but this time I got a few good shots. They look super-processed, but most of it is straight out of the camera, shooting with some graduated neutral density filters and a little bit of photoshop. I bought those neutral density filters almost ten years ago, but only recently began to learn to use them.

Usually I have mondays off, but I have to go in early tomorrow to catch up and go to some meeting.

cambria sunset

I like this picture--it is pretty much what I was trying to shoot. I like that ten years of experience has taught me to do something like this.
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