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57136--yo tengo sed

Back in my mid 20's, I had a job as a manager of an industrial medical clinic in Emeryville. It was in an old brick warehouse next to the freeway. We saw people from local factories who got injured on the job. Every once in a while we got to go out and visit the places we contracted with. One of my favorite places was the Nabisco bakery where they made wheat thins. Whenever we toured there, they would give us free samples of everything, and even eat wheat thins right out of the oven. It was a great job.

We had a couple of secretaries--Wilma and Mary. Wilma was Puerto Rican, and would often leave notes in Spanish around the office. Plant need watering? Yo tengo sed! She called Mary Maria, and called me Miguel. On Fridays we all went out for happy hour at a place with a piano player who took requests. Maria would always request "Put Another Log on the Fire", and the guy would always play it.

I eventually got transferred to another clinic and lost track of both of them. But, through the magic of Facebook, we all recently reconnected. While I was going through the boxes last month, I came across a picture of Wilma that I took in 1983 in the office conference room. I took the picture for company newsletter, and I seem to remember some issue about it being deemed inappropriate for the newsletter, because she is lying on the conference room table.

Anyway, today is Wilma's birthday, so I pulled out the picture, scanned it, and posted it on her facebook page. Happy birthday Wilma!

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