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Another picture I found in the box. I was about 17 here, and probably stoned. I think my brother took it and developed it at school. He was into photography back then. Sometimes I wish I could go back and tell myself to pick up a camera back then. I would like to see what I was looking at when I was that age.

I was on the tv news this evening. They had a big event at the school to announce a $250 million grant for education, and all sorts of bigshots where there. They asked me to open the simulation lab in case anyone wanted to come in and see what we do. Lots of people did, and the news people wanted to tape us running a simulation, so we did. I guess it ran on the 6 o-clock news, because I got a flurry of texts from people who saw me.

One of the people who came through the sim lab was the director of media relations for the college district. Way back when I was a photojournalism student, she was the public relations person there. My teacher sent me to her one day to do some work, and I ended up taking photographs for the catalog and on all the school brochures. I still see one every once in a while on the college website. It was really my first published work. I said hi and she was really surprised to see me, because she never knew that I had been a nurse--she just thought I was a photographer. We talked for a while--it was great to see her.

I also had a nice talk about patient simulation with someone from the California Academy of Sciences. When I start talking about this stuff, it surprises me how knowledgeable, and how passionate I am about it. Anyway, it was a good day, although I have kind of decided that I am ready to move on to something else. That's what I was thinking about last night instead of making a Livejournal entry. I love teaching, but the office stuff is just making me crazy. I'll think on it a little.
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