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We have another houseguest now. We still have the one from before, Pam. She's moving out on the 12th of May. The new one came from South Carolina. She is from my wife's home town in Thailand--Malida is friends with her aunt. She is here on some sort of student work experience thing that didn't work out. I guess the people she was sent to stay with in South Carolina were kind of mean. In any case, she called Malida and asked if she could come and stay with us for a few weeks until she returns to Thailand toward the end of May. So we have a full house.

We have quite a bit of room. It is a four-bedroom house for two people. We each have our own office room, and the other room is a guest room. Malida's office has a futon bed, so that's where guest # 2 is sleeping.

It took the cats about a week to get used to Pam being here, but with Praywa (the new guest), it took about 10 minutes. First Chocko came up and sniffed her feet, then Mook did the same. They seemed satisfied with what they smelled, and are now just doing what they normally do. Mook is fascinated with Pam, and spends a lot of her time staring at Pam's door, hoping she will come out. I think they bonded when we were in LA.

diablo macro

Here's another shot from yesterday, taken with my macro lens. Just some little plant growing out of the rocks in the burn area.

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