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Malida suggested we go out for noodles at the noodle place we found a few weeks ago, so I took her and Praywa when I got home from work. Praywa hasn't had noodles since she arrived in the US a few months ago, so she was happy. I guess there aren't may noodle places in Myrtle Beach.

I spent half my day meeting with my partner Linda, going over our project. We have meet with the big boss tomorrow and show her what we've got so far. It looks good to the two of us. We'll see how it plays in Peoria. We made a site visit in the afternoon, pretty much just to get out of the office, but gathered some good information from the people we met with.

Malida and I are planning a trip to Oregon at the end of May. We have been talking about it for a month or two, and when we were out at the coast, the talk turned to thinking about moving up there, as it almost always does when we get anywhere near the ocean. I have been thinking about moving to Oregon for years and years, but nothing ever comes of it.

I called my cousin in Coos Bay this morning to tell her we were coming up. She invited us to stay at her house. She got divorced last year and all the kids are in college, so it's just her. She mentioned that she is thinking about selling the house. I mentioned that we were thinking about moving up there again.

A few days ago I took a look at nursing programs in the area. There is a community college in Coos Bay that has a nursing program, and are looking for part-time instructors. There's also a dialysis clinic in town.

After I talked to my cousin, I went on the Oregon Nursing Board site to see what the licensure requirements are. It's essentially $250 and college transcripts. I started the application process.

As Linda and I were talking this morning, I suggested that sometimes bad times are a catalyst that stimulate and accelerate the process to new growth. She agreed. I know it's true.

As I write this, I think about all the times I have been on the threshold of change and wrote about it here, not knowing what it would bring.


Noodles, and everyone is happy.
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