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57147--tea with Buddha


We had a nice time in SF. It was overcast and foggy, so not a lot of opportunities to take pictures of the bridge. We went through the park and stopped in at the Japanese Tea Garden. It's one of my favorite spots. It transcends tourism. The buddha statue is about 100 years old. I always seek it out when I'm here.

After the park we drove down to the chinese bakery out off 19th avenue and picked up a dozen pork buns. They have the best pork buns I have ever tasted. We ate some and then went out to Crissy Field to walk under the bridge a little. As I mentioned, it was foggy, so the towers were obscured.


There were two people lying on the concrete looking up at the cloudy sky. As I walked past them, the woman said to the guy, "Isn't this great?" The guy replied, "Yeah."

So I took their picture.
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