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new cubicle

Monday is normally my day off, but we had a faculty meeting this morning, and I took last Friday off, so it all balances out. I got appointed to one new committee and one little task force at the meeting. I guess sitting in the back is no longer an effective strategy. It was my fault for looking interested in what they were talking about.

After the meeting, Linda and I went out for noodles and to talk about our project. We have another series of hospital visits to look forward before we pass it off to our coworker when we start teaching second semester.

I got back to my office and the new cubicle configuration was done. I still have the same corner, but I'm not boxed in. What they did was make a big square, and put each of us in the four corners, with the center open. We also got a communal work table, and two big book shelves for all our big books.

I should have taken pictures of the entire work space, but I wanted to find Male Nurse Action Figure, who spent the weekend in in coffee cup in a box.
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